Stigma Search was founded in 2014.

Executive Officers

Kevin Hoda     President and Founder

Kevin Hoda is Stigma Search’s chief executive officer. He is responsible for Stigma Search’s day to day operations, providing services to clients, as well as leading the company’s product development.

Before starting Stigma Search, Kevin ran a mobile accessories business online, Cyrus Retail. Out of the 900 SKU’s he sold, around 20% were stolen by counterfeiters in China and sold online. He made many of the cell phone case designs he sold and since the manufacturing was based in China, many of his listings were stolen and sold online.

Finding and removing these infringing listings was taking quite a lot of time everyday, so Kevin made a alpha version software to find and remove them faster. After seeing the results and realizing that other brands may want to get a similar result, he spent the next year developing Stigma Search and its software. Kevin has been involved in computer programming for almost a decade and has extensive experience with software, retailing, and web technologies. With the combination of running a retail business and programming software, he put those skills together and formed an Online Brand Protection company, Stigma Search LLC. Kevin Hoda served in the U.S. Army before starting his mobile accessories business in 2011.

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