Anti-Counterfeiting Service

When a potential customer searches your brand on a eCommerce website with the intent of purchase, they will only see product listing that are real.

  • Covers all major websites across the globe.

    Your brand is protected on over 200 websites. These are auction sites, direct B2C, and wholesale B2B sites. If a customer can find it, it will be removed.

  • Removal of infringing products

    Product listings that infringe on your brand's copyright or trademark are removed fast.

  • Constant Monitoring

    Removing listings is not always enough to fight counterfeiters. They will just re-list their product and continue to sell. Stigma Search monitors eCommerce websites for new listings that match your brand. When a new listings is found, it is checked for authenticity. Fake products are removed.

                                   Some of the websites that are monitored